Lawsuit Filed Over Death at Volusia County Beach – Dangers of Beach Driving


Volusia County is currently being sued in a wrongful-death lawsuit by the family of Aiden Patrick. Aiden was killed last summer at the young age of 4-years-old after he was struck by a truck on the beach in Volusia County, Florida. The suit claims Aiden’s death was caused by the county’s negligence, further claiming the county knew or should have known the beach was dangerous and failed to take “appropriate safety measures for the safety of beachgoers,” as well as provide adequate police patrols. Aiden’s family, of Deltona, Florida, states they have suffered mental pain and incurred medical and funeral expenses as a result of his death.

The tragic accident occurred July 2010. Aiden’s father (Jason Patrick) and three siblings were visiting the New Smyrna Beach area. Aiden ran toward the water and into the path of a truck driven by Donovan Sias. The right front tire of the truck struck Aiden. The boy was transported to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead. According to Florida Highway Patrol Troopers, Sias was not speeding and did not see the boy prior to the tragic Florida beach pedestrian accident.

Volusia County manages 40 milles of beach property, 17 miles of which driving and parking are permitted. Aiden was one of two children killed in 2010. The two child fatalities prompted Volusia County officials to make some changes as to drivering on the beach. For more please read Volusia County charged in wrongful-death lawsuit.

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