Lawmakers and Child Safety Advocates Seek to Enforce Ban on Dangerous Chemicals Including Phthalates


Lawmakers and child safety advocates are seeking to enforce legislation enacted to protect children from the harmful effects of chemicals in toys and other products. Hormone-like chemicals known as phthalates can cause harm especially to children under the age of 12.

Products known to have phthalates have included shower curtains, raincoats, bathtub ducks, and other items. Baby boys born to mothers which a high exposure to phthalate have had genital problems including small penises and undescended testicles. Florida babies and children are at risk for health problems and serious personal injuries from phthalates and other dangerous chemicals / hormones found in toys and other common household products.

With new laws passed, the average consumer would think that the toys and products with phthalates would be immediately removed from the market place. However, there are concerns by various law makers that the manufacturer and distribution date may allow many products to be grandfathered in. You can read more about the laws and concerns of lawmakers regarding products with phthalates at Lawmakers Target Dangerous Toys and Products with Phthalates and Other Harmful Chemicals / Hormones.