Lauderhill (Broward County) Florida Day Care Center Under Investigation After Baby (Robert Porter) Was Scalded / Burned


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that an 8 month old baby, Robert Porter, was injured at Uncle Charles Learning Center located at 3421 West Broward Boulevard, Lauderhill, Florida. Apparently, the child was injured from a hot water bottle heater that spilled over the child’s face and head while he was under the care and supervision of Uncle Charles Learning Center. Robert suffered second degree burns as a result of the incident. Criminal charges are being investigated and considered by local authorities. Day Care Centers like Uncle Charles Learning Center have a duty under Florida law to provide for a safe physical environment for the children. Water scalding burns should not happen in a day care center if the facility is properly equipped and the child are properly supervised. In addition to scalding water, day care facilities should keep other hazards away from children including but not limited to sharp objects / knives, tools – screwdrivers, hammers, etc. . ., chemical and cleaning products, medications, and other things that could potentially hard the child. You can read more about the Robert Porter story at 8 Month Old Burned at Day Care Center in Lauderhill, Florida.