Lakewood Ranch Student Dies as a Result of Automobile Accident – Another Reported with Personal Injuries


A serious, tragic automobile accident was reported in Manatee County, Florida. Brett Wagner, who was only 18 years old at the time of the crash, died as a result of head trauma from this Florida Automobile Accident. It was reported that the accident took place on State Road 64 at Rye Road. Joshua Rogers, age 18 as well, was driving the vehicle that was occupied by Brett before he was ejected.

There are often times a number of legal and insurance issues involved with a Florida Automobile Accident. This is especially true when a person dies or a person suffers serious personal injuries as a result of the automobile accident. A Florida Automobile Accident Attorney can assist the family with many of these issues.

Florida Automobile Accident cases are governed by Chapter 316, Florida Statutes (Traffic Regulations), Chapter 627, Florida Statutes (Automobile Insurance), and Chapter 768, Florida Statutes (Florida Wrongful Death Act).

A Florida Automobile Accident case requires knowledge of the above statutes. It is important for the family to be properly advised by a Florida Personal Injury Attorney regarding these statutes, available insurance, fault / liability, damages, medical bills / medical treatment, and the other issues involved with cases of this nature.

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