Lake County, Florida Sheriff’s Office Arrest Maryland Attorney and Magician on Felony Charges of Traveling to Florida to Have Sex with a Child


In Florida and other States, law enforcement officers and detectives are working to try to make the Internet a safer place for children. Unfortunately, like any other arena, some child predators are using the Internet to find victims. In Lake County, Florida, investigators and detectives spent 4 months chatting online with Howard Scott Kalin, age 47, from Maryland according to a news story posted in the Orlando Sentinel. According to the report, Kalin was under the impression that he was chatting with a 14 year old boy and the boy’s caregiver. The sheriff’s report indicated that Kalin travelled to Florida and planned to play basketball with the 14 year old and then have sex with the 14 year old child. What a disturbing plan and situation. Fortunately, the 14 year old boy was really an undercover agent and no child was put in danger. Kalin practices law and runs a business. He is an educated man who even has a family. The police conducted a search of Kalin’s car and found lubricant and condoms.

Mr. Kalin will be entitled to defend himself against these charges through the services of a Florida criminal defense attorney or the services of the public defender’s office if he cannot afford an attorney. There may be some technical legal defenses to such charges but it would appear that that Kalin will have an uphill battle to defend himself against these charges. The evidence seems to be quite extensive assuming that the 4 months of Internet chat records are admitted into evidence along with the evidence seized at the scene like the basketball, lubricant, and condoms. See Magician-Lawyer Charged in Cyber Crime Involving Undercover Detective Posing at 14 Year Old Boy.

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