Lake County Florida School Board Recommend to Continue Busing for Young Children


In Lake County, Florida and other school districts, young children get to school by school bus. There are several benefits to taking the school bus to school. The benefits include the following:
*Reduces traffic in and around school;
*Reduces the number of pedestrians and bicycle riders;
*Avoids dangers of walking for the children; and
*Provides assistance to working parents in need of bus transportation for their children.

It is sad that another benefit for children is that it keeps children away from the homes of sexual offenders and child predators. Some children walk or ride their bikes past the homes of sexual offenders and child predators in order to get to school. Due to budget cuts, Lake County and other school boards must consider measures to save money – this includes, at times, the reduction of bus services to children who live within a few miles from school. You can read more about the issues facing the Lake County School Board and busing at Lake County School Board – Youngest Kids Shouldn’t Walk to School.