Summer Safety for Children – Things to Do Around the House to Keep Children Safe and to Prevent Personal Injury


The St. Petersburg Times published an article that provided parents and caretakers regarding the major types of household accidents that result in serious injury and sometimes death. Kids are at home more during summer months than during the school year period. Therefore, parents and caretakers need to be aware of these types of accidents in order to ensure a safer environment for their children during summer vacation.

Water-related injuries:
Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4. Putting a safety fence around a pool is great way to prevent a child’s access to the pool. However, infants can drown in very small amounts of water, such as a 5-gallon bucket. Thus, parents and babysitters need to be extra careful to not leave children around open areas of water.

Playground Equipment:
The Consumer Federation of America reported that almost 70% of injuries on home playground equipment are due to falls. Playground equipment should be surrounded by surfaces that are much more forgiving than concrete, dirt or grass.

The most preventable risk factor for skin cancer is exposure to the sun. Properly dress and shade children in order to protect them from the sun’s power ultra-violet rays. Sunscreen application is also mandatory; choose a sunscreen that protects against both, UVA and UVB, rays.


Lock up all toxic chemicals and medications located within your home. Keep a Poison Control Center number handy at all times in case a child or adolescent does ingest chemicals.

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