Julington Creek Murder – Suicide – What Should Parents Tell Their Children?


Julington Creek Plantation is filled with families and quiet neighborhoods. What appears to be a murder suicide in a home has shook this quiet family oriented community. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office reported that Donna Gayle McCulloch shot herself and her two children – a first grader and a second grader – who attended Julington Creek Elementary School.

I am quite familiar with the school and the community since I have resided in Julington Creek since 2004. It is most tragic and unfortunate that two children died at a result this shooting. It is also sad that the mother had such prior problems, trouble, and burdens that led her to such actions. Many parents in Julington Creek have been asked by their children about the news trucks, police cars, and reports on the news and in the Jacksonville Times Union, St. Augustine Record, First Coast News, and Action News. In times like these, children need assurance and confidence that they are safe in their homes and in the community. According to the sheriff’s office, there is no “manhunt” or other reported dangers out there related to the incident. However isolated this event may be in the Julington Creek Community, it is somewhat unsetltting for the community that a death took place next door or right down the street.

The Julington Creek Elementary School is led by Principal Michael Storey who stated that Julington Creek is a close knit community and the boys will be missed at the school. At times like this, it is good to know that the Julington Creek Community has good leaders in Mr. Storey who will be a calming and assuring presence for the community. See More Details Released as to Murder – Suicide in Julington Creek Plantation.

The St. Johns County School Board and Julington Creek Elementary responded quickly and well to the tragic incidents. The Cincinatti Children’s Hospital has a good article on schools and policies to address the death of a student / classmate. See Dealing with the Death of a Student / Classmate – Recommended Actions.