Juan Zambrano- Accident Victim – Missed Birthday – Family and Community Mourns


It is quite a tragic loss for a child to die in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, automobile accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of the death to teens in Florida and nationwide. Many such tragic deaths are avoidable with safer driving. It is important for all drivers to pay attention to speed limits, road signs, traffic, construction, and, yes, safety. Juan Zambrano was one of the victims in the Alligator Alley accident that involved a pick up truck and students from the Weston Area (Broward County, Florida). Juan, like most kids, was looking forward to his next birthday which would have been his 18th birthday. While 18 is the age of majority or adulthood in the State of Florida, most 18 year olds are still kids living at home with their parents. It is certainly a tough loss for the family, community, school, and church when a teen dies in an accident. See Birthday of Teen Killed in Crash Celebrated Friends and family celebrate Juan Zambrano’s 18th Birthday Without Him.

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