John Barry Coe (Age 20) Sentenced to Prison Term for Traveling to Florida to Have Sex with 14 Year Old Child


What happens when you travel over state lines, have sex with a 14 year old, and try to hide under her bed to avoid being caught by a parent? Well in the case of John Barry Coe, you get arrested and sent to prison. Mr. Coe, age 20, was recently sentenced to a term of 87 months (just over 7 years) for his criminal activities in Florida. Mr. Coe, who was released on bond from a case in Montana for similar crimes, met a 14 year old at an online game site. Mr. Coe then travelled to Florida by bus and then took a taxi cab to the child’s home. It was reported that at some point in time Mr. Coe had sexual intercourse with the 14 year old girl. Since a 14 year old girl cannot legally give consent to such acts, some child safety advocates may refer to this conduct at child rape regardless of the so called participation of the child. The 14 year old lied to her mother and told her mother that Coe was a 16 year old high school student. When the mother found Coe under a bed, she called police and the true age, identity, and conduct of Mr. Coe was discovered by the mother and law enforcement authorities.

With the Internet and predators like Mr. Coe out there, children are in danger every day even within the confines of their own homes. You can read more about this story at Colorado Man (John Barry Coe) Sentenced to Prison for Crimes Against a Child.