Jarvis Antoine Brown Struck and Killed by a Passing Train in Lawtey Florida – Legal Rights and Responsibilities – Railroad Injuries and Death Cases


Jarvis Antoine Brown was struck and killed by a passing train in Lawtey Florida.

Multiple tracks are extremely dangerous. The ability to see and hear two trains moving on tracks nearly simuntaneously is made very difficult by the fact that the tracks are so close together, plus the train’s mandatory audible signal is obscured by another train approaching from the opposite direction. Since the 1970’s, train companies have been put on notice that train horns are ineffective warning devices, based upon a study commissioned by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Also, pedestrian crossing cases present a unique danger. Often, railroad companies are aware that particular places are used by chidren to cross tracks, and yet the railroad companies ignore the dangers these pedestrian crossing points pose to the children and continue to operate at breathtakingly dangerous speeds instead of taking precautions to protect the public.

It was reported that Jarvis was 19 years old at the time of the incident. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Jarvis was attempting to cross railroad tracks located near U.S. Highway 301. The CSX train heading Southbound had passed. It was the Northbound CSX train that hit Jarvis. It was reported that the train was going approximately 60 miles per hour at the time of the incident.

A full investigation will be conducted into this matter. It is quite tragic that a young man lost his life in this manner. You can read more about this story at Teen Loses Life After Being Hit by CSX Train in Lawtey Florida.