Jacksonville Residents Angered by Home Occupied by Multiple Sex Offenders

Jacksonville residents protested and rallied against a home where up to 6 registered sex offenders are residing. A company or group called the Philadelphia Christian Center owns the home and only commented that the home has met all legal requirements for Florida. Apparently, there are 15 children in the area of Wandering Trail, according to resident Diane Knowles. While no laws may have been broken, this news story shows the importance of being informed and aware of your neighbors especially those who have been identified as registered sex offenders. You can perform a search of your neighborhood and other parts of Florida by going to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Web Site – Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators. I did a search for 1 mile from my home. There were no registered offenders or predators in my direct neighborhood but there was one in a friend’s neighborhood. I will be sure to inform my friend of the offender.

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