Jacksonville Man (James Vincent Lehosit) Dies in Clearwater Accident – Investigation is Pending


James Vincent Lehosit, of Jacksonville, Florida died recently in an automobile accident in Clearwater Florida. Another driver (Casey Felix Schwartz) reportedly failed to stop at a signal light and struck the vehicle occupied by Mr. Lehosit. The impact and trauma from the crash caused the death of Mr. Lehosit. Clearwater police are investigating the accident. Charges are pending further investigation which may include driving under the impairment and manslaughter.

While the Clearwater Police will be conducting its own investigation, it may be beneficial to have a private accident reconstruction expert or a Jacksonville personal injury attorney to piece together the accident. The vehicles should be placed in a secure compound or towing area pending this investigation.

Traffic signals should be obeyed for the safety of everybody. Saving a few minutes just to push through a light is not worth it. It is certainly not worth injury or loss of life. Unfortunately, many automobile accidents, trucking accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian injuries result by the failure of a person to obey rules of the road and traffic devices.

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