Jacksonville, Florida – Two Year Old Girl Wounded During Drive-by Shooting


At a home in Northeast Jacksonville, several children gathered recently for a child’s birthday party. The children were playing outside the home when witnesses say they heard a single gunshot. An unidentified two year old girl was hit by the gunfire.

A resident of the home, Charlene Johnson, reported that there were several children playing outside at the time, and wasn’t sure if anyone had been injured at first. When it was discovered that the two year old girl had been hit, her parents rushed her to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center.

According to Sergeant John Gay of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, aggravated battery unit, it is not clear if the girl was hit more than once, but she is expected to recover. Neither the motive for the shooting nor the intended target is known at this point. Police are still investigating the incident.

It is scary to think that someone would fire off shots in the direction of a group of young defenseless children right here in our own city. It is fortunate that the girl will be all right, but she will certainly carry emotional and physical scars from this tragic event throughout her life.

You can read more of the details of this story at Drive-by shooting wounds 2-year-old girl in Jacksonville.

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