Jacksonville, Florida Teens Who Want Tattoos May Soon Have More Protection against Disease


A new law under consideration in Florida would prohibit children aged sixteen and younger from getting tattoos, and require sixteen to eighteen year olds to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when getting “inked.” The law comes after years of complaints from parents whose children got tattoos without permission as the law requires; many of those children have contracted illnesses, infections or scarring from the experience.

Unlike almost every other state, Florida does not regulate tattoo artists. They are not required to have any credentials or special training, even though they are working with human blood. They are not required to wash their hands or use clean needles. Even hair stylists in Florida are required to complete training, pass a test and acquire a license before cutting a child’s hair. That will change if the new law is passed. The pending legislation would require tattoo shops and tattoo artists to be trained, tested and licensed. The training would include a course on blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases. The Florida Professional Tattoo Artists Guild is in favor of the law. Local tattoo professionals are looking forward to improving the industry’s image.

The new licensing fees for shops and artists are expected to be less than what they currently pay for Florida’s supervisory doctor system, which would be replaced by the new licensing program. Read more about the proposed requirements for Florida Tattoo shops atFlorida tattoo shops focus of proposed regulations.

If your child has been injured by unsafe tattooing techniques, please contact our law firm for child injury legal counsel.