Jacksonville, Florida Teens Enhance their Childcare Skills with Babysitting Class


A monthly class held in Jacksonville, Florida is aimed at making teens better babysitters. Participants in the class learn many skills for good babysitting, including child safety, first aid, preventing accidents, helping a child who is choking, and determining what constitutes an emergency. They also learn how to feed an infant, change a diaper, burp a baby, and take a child’s temperature. They do not learn CPR because they are considered too young.

Participants also learn discipline techniques, which emphasize using time outs; a child should receive a time out in a special area of the home where there are no toys, and the time out should last one minute for each year of age. The teens also looked at the business side of babysitting, learning how to get jobs, what to charge, and how many children it is safe for them to care for at one time. (The going rate for a babysitter in the Jacksonville, Florida area is $6 per hour, with a $.50 surcharge for each additional child.) Teens are also reminded not to text, talk on the phone or play computer games while caring for children.

After the course, the teens receive a card from the American Red Cross, showing that they are certified in babysitting. They also get a reference handbook and CD to take home with them. The babysitting class is offered about once a month, usually on a day that kids are out of school. For more information about class location, costs and times, visit Baby-sitting class teaches students first aid, safety skills for watching children.

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