Jacksonville Florida Teacher Suspended 10 Days for Duct Taping a Student

The Jacksonville Duval County School Board suspended Kasey Goodin, a teacher with Kirby Smith Middle School, for 10 days in response to a duct taping incident. Ms. Goodin, who is a relatively new and young teacher, duct taped a students legs, arms, and, face as one of her lesson plans.


The student was restrained to a desk with the duct tape. She was trying to be creative and get out a message . . . School officials and administrators thought it was the wrong message . . . I agree. Teachers can be creative . . . but to a point. You can read more about this incident at the Florida Times Union at Florida Teacher Suspended After Duct-Taping Student to Desk.

There were no lasting permanent injuries to the child; however, the emotional scars from such an incident can last a child for years to come. It also sends out the wrong message to other students. Ridicule is not a good teaching tool for our public school system.

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