Jacksonville Florida Teacher Arrested for Allegations of Sex Abuse


In Jacksonville, Florida, the Florida Times Union reported that a Lake Shore Middle School Teacher (Robert Bryan Luke) was arrested for allegations of sex abuse involving a child. The story did not report the identity of the child or the particular allegations but one of the specific Florida criminal charges was sexual battery of a child younger than 12 years old. A parent of the child reported to the police that a crime was committed and that the child had been sexually abused. It was reported that Mr. Luke is a local youth soccer coach and swim coach. See Florida Times Union – Law & Disorder: Jacksonville Teacher/Coach Charged with Sex Offenses Against Child.

In schools and community sports organizations, a background check is completed; however, if the applicant coach had not been arrested or convicted of a crime in the past – there will be no public record to indicate that the applicant coach is a danger to children. Beyond public record background checks, prior employers and leagues can be contacted but the work involved in such endeavors may be too tedious for some schools and / or sports organizations.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney were involved the investigation and will continue to work the case now that an arrest is made. Of course, Mr. Luke will be entitled to the services of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney or legal representation through the Public Defender’s office. The criminal prosecution will hinge on the evidence obtained which can include statements, photographs, videotapes, text messages, e mails, and other forms of evidence. The news story in the Florida Times Union did not detail the amount or type of evidence that law enforcement had obtained or believe it can obtain regarding these Florida criminal allegations.

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