Jacksonville Florida Sex Offender At It Again – Criminal Charges Involving 15 Year Old Girl


According to a story posted at the Florida Times Union Website, Kendrick Jerrald Collins was recently arrested for criminal charges that he fathered a child with a 15 year old girl. Prior to this arrest, Mr. Collins, age 26, was already serving a term of probation for lewd and lascivious battery on a minor. This is the second time that Mr. Collins has impregnated a girl younger than the age of 16. Unfortunately, there are many men like Collins out in the community taking advantage of young girls. Some may argue that these acts involve consensual sex and the State of Florida / Sheriff’s Office take cases like this too far. On the other hand, child advocates would argue that young teenage girls are very vulnerable and immature. Furthermore, some child advocates may argue that a 26 year old is not a boyfriend to a 15 year old girl but is a sex predator who should be prosecuted. you can read more about this story at Sex Offender Facing New Charges in Jacksonville, Florida.