Jacksonville Florida – School Crossing Guards Nominations in Honor of School Crossing Appreciation Day


In Jacksonville, Florida and other cities through Florida and the national, there is a dedicated group of people who do their best to keep our children safe during the school year. Jacksonville, Florida school crossing guards serve a very important function. They are posted at busy intersections and add a safety measure that has undoubtedly saved from serious injuries and death every year. The Florida Times Union Newspaper wrote a nice story about school crossing guards, who through their actions and dedications should be honored and thanked by our community: Sylvia Wilson, Charlie DeSalvo, Faye Goldsby, Faye Goldsby, Connie Horton, and Bernice Washington – Thank you for your service and everything you do to promote the safety of our children. You can read about these dedicated Jacksonville, Florida school crossing guards at School Crossing Guards Take Top Honors.