Jacksonville Florida Public Schools Have Problem with Air Pollution


When parents send children to school in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities, there are concerns that a parent may have. These include education, safety, bullying, resources, meals, and other general issues. Parents should not have to worry about the air quality or air pollution in schools. Unfortunately, in Jacksonville, Florida and many other cities across the nation, there is a problem with air pollution in the public school system. Five schools in Duval County ranked among the worst schools in the nation for air quality. These schools were Reynolds Lane Elementary, Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Paxon Middle School, Biltmore Elementary, and Palm Avenue Exceptional Center. Other schools in Clay County and Nassau County were among the worst schools in the nation for air quality (i.e. there is an air pollution problem in the school system). You can read more about the study and rankings at Air Studies Reveal Toxic Levels in Schools Around the Nation.

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