Jacksonville Florida Pastor’s Sexually Explicit Text Messaging Leads to Charges in Sex Scandal

The Reverend Darrell Giyard, formerly with Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church located in Jacksonville Florida was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct for sending sexually explicit text messages to a 14 year old girl who was a member of his church. Apparently, Reverend Giyard resigned from a Texas church 16 years earlier for having affairs with church members. Reverend Giyard had a different message to spread than most church leaders. Unfortunately, he used his position of influence and power to take advantage of congregants including one that was only 14 years old. Churches like Shiloh are good for the community and the congregants. While Reverend Giyard’s actions are embarassing for the church and community, Shiloh will persevere through these troubled times. While forgiveness is an important part of the Christian community, the victim and her family deserve more than forgiveness in this instance. The Church had the opportunity to take action against Reverend Giyard but failed to do so before policy intervention. Details of the charges and the incident can be read at the Jacksonville Times Union Website at Embattled Jacksonville Pastor Charged in Sex Scandal.

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