Jacksonville Florida Parking Lot Incident Injures 3 Year Old Dakira Lykes- Driver Stephen Marzetti Leaves the Scene


Parking lots can be a dangerous area for children especially when a negligent driver hits the driver. Dakira Lykes, age 3, was struck by a car driven by Stephen J. Marzetti. Marzetti apologized at the scene of the accident but then took off. He was later located outside of a store on Blanding Boulevard and then arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. He was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Young children do not always have good safety judgment. As such, drivers should be extra careful when driving in an area with children including but not limited to apartment complexes, malls, shopping centers, schools, churches, and residential neighborhoods.

A Florida Child Injury Lawyer can help investigate the accident and pursue compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering.

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