Jacksonville Florida Mom Finds Photos of Local Middle School on MySpace

A concerned Mother found photos of Jacksonville, Florida Fletcher Middle School children nude, in their underwear, and in bathing suits on a My Space page.


The Mother called local Jacksonville authorities about the discovery. Police officers have a possible suspect under investigation for these photos. In response to the reporting of this incident, Fletcher Middle School will be conducting an internet safety program about these issues. Parents, teachers, and children need to be educated on the risks and dangerous of the Internet. Sexual offenders and predators are on line every day looking for their next opportunity and victim. In addition, other children may view or use the information and photos posted on line for improper and offensive purposes as well. As parents, ask questions of your children, set rules for computer use, and yes – retain the ability to use all computers in your own and the ability to supervise and monitor your child’s use of the computer. Report: Florida Mother Discovers Pornographic Photos of Local Schoolchildren on My Space has more details about this story.

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