Jacksonville, Florida (Mandarin) Babysitter (Syna Lin) Convicted of Murder – Faces Life Sentence


In Jacksonville, Florida, a jury recently convicted Syna Lim, a 41 year old babysitter, who was accused of beating a 2 year old girl under her care with the handle of a fly swatter. The criminal defense attorney representing Ms. Lim argued at trial that someone else caused the injuries to Amara Ou of St. Augustine, Florida.

Following the personal injuries / death of the child, an investigation was conducted by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Child Protection Team.

Child abuse and neglect does result from improper and dangerous punishment techniques by parents, caregivers, teachers, day care workers, and child care providers. I believe that the use of physical punishment or corporal punishment is an archaic and frequently abused method by adults who do not want to take the time to counsel their children. Beating a child does not teach a child anything but violence.

You can read more about the conviction of Syna Lin at Mandarin Babysitter Convicted of Murder for Death of 2 Year Old Girl.