Jacksonville Florida Man Killed in Boating Accident

Jacksonville Florida has great weather and waterways. While boating can be fun and enjoyable, it can also bring about tragedy and death.


George Rosborough, age 19, was killed and Kimberly Anaheim, age 18, was seriously injured in a recent boating accident in Durbin Creek. The location of the accident is just a few miles from my home. The boating accident also involved Kyle Broberg, age 18. who was operating a 16 foot open jet boat. The Florida Wildlife Commission is investigating the incident. The accident victims were all young which may be an indication (in part) of limited experience and poor judgment. Since there was a death and serious injuries, a full investigation will be completed. Like a Jacksonville Florida automobile accident, civil liability will be predicated on negligence. Navigation laws and rules, of course, will control rather than traffic laws and rules. Since this incident involves boating laws, insurance laws, and a host of other issues, it may be helpful for each person to secure the services of an experienced Jacksonville Florida personal injury attorney for guidance and possible representation. You can read more about this tragic boating accident at Jacksonville Florida Man Killed in Boating Accident.

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