Jacksonville Florida Man Arranged for Sex With Child He Thought Was 13 Years Old


In Florida and other States, sexual predators and offenders are using the Internet to try to victimize and molest children. Consenting adults can arrange for meetings, dates, and other relationships online; however, it is much different when a child is involved. Undercover investigators are doing their best to track down sexual predators and offenders who are specifically informed online that the person on the other end is a child. In some instances, the “child” is actually an undercover investigator. The text messages, chats, and e mails are all recorded and saved as evidence when there is a criminal prosecution or arrest made in these kind of cases. In Jacksonville, Florida it was reported that David Marshall Deal, age 24, was convicted of using the Internet to attempt to engage in sexual activity with a minor. The allegations in this case were that Mr. Deal was informed over the Internet that the “child” was 13 years old. During an arranged meeting with the “child”, Mr. Deal brought condoms, a camera, and thong underwear. In cases like these, the intent of the criminal suspect is proven by the electronic evidence as well as the items brought to the meeting. You can read more about this story at Man Convicted of Crimes – Attempt to Entice a Child for Sex.