Jacksonville, Florida Father Shares His Story of Using Alternative Therapies for Autistic Son


In a recent opinion-editorial (op-ed) piece on Jacksonville.com, a Jacksonville, Florida father shared his feelings about the alternative therapies his family pursued for their Autistic child. The man’s Autistic son has been through several alternative therapies for Autism, including vitamin supplements, B12 injections, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, anti-fungals, and other experimental, or alternative, Autism therapies. He reported that his family spent four years and thousands of dollars on what he termed an “uncontrolled, flawed experiment.”

He believes that the Defeat Autism Now! group and doctors and therapists who subscribe to its methods should be approached with caution. Doctors who are the foremost experts in the field of Autism and represent some of the most esteemed medical institutions in the world frequently criticize the group for promoting therapies that have no scientific basis. The man reports that his family decided to cease all experimental therapies several months ago and his son is progressing without any regression. He encourages families to seek therapies for their Autistic children that are based on sound medical evidence.

You can find out more about this family’s path to help their autistic son at Guest column: Be wary of alternative therapies for autism.