Jacksonville Florida – Deadly City in U.S for Teen Drivers


The City of Jacksonville, Florida (Duval County) has unfortunately made the list of the top three cities in Florida for deadly automobile accidents involving teens. The other top cities in Florida, according to an Allstate Insurance Company study, were Tampa and Orlando. Driving distraction in the form of text messaging, e mails, web surfing, and talking on mobile phones is a major problem in these cities and others throughout Florida. Teens these days seemed to be tethered to their phones. This is fine when the teen is a passenger in the vehicle. On the other hand, acts like text messaging while driving can lead to automobile accidents involving serious personal injuries and, yes, the wrongful and untimely death of teens and others on Florida roads. You can read more about this recent study and dangers of distracted driving at Florida Teens: Distracted Driving Can Turn Deadly.