Jacksonville Florida Day Care Center Ratings – Guiding Stars of Duval Program


In Florida, parents need day care centers to care for and supervise their children while at work. It is important for a parent to have peace of mind when leaving a child under the supervision of a day care center and child care providers. In Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida, the Early Learning Coalition has developed a child rating program that recognizes day care centers that meet certain criteria and standards. The information and ratings from the Guiding Star Program can be used by parents to determine the level and quality of care that is provided by a local day care center. Of course, the award of a rating is not a guarantee that good care will be provided but it is a good indication for parents as a starting point to evaluate a day care center. You can read more about this story at Ratings in Jacksonville Florida – Duval County Day Care Center – Guiding Star Program.

Day care centers have a duty to provide quality care and supervision of children. When a day care center fails to follow regulations or “cuts corners”, children are often times injured and require medical care. Day care center injuries can be prevented with the maintenance of a quality facility and the provision of consistent supervision.

If you have a question about a child injury that takes place at a Florida day care center, contact a Florida Child Injury Lawyer to discuss the legal rights of the child to compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.

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