Jacksonville Florida Day Care Ratings – Parents Need to Know

A recent editorial opinion written in the Florida Times Union covered a program that rated local Jacksonville Florida day care centers on a five star system.


As stated in the article, I also agree that the more information that a parent has – the better. It is important for parents to research and gather information regarding day care centers, schools, sport leagues, music schools, tutoring businesses, and all other entities that purport to care for, teach, or supervise children. Parents who retain my firm for a personal injury matter are often surprised to find out the history and track record of the at fault day care programs and other entities. It is important to be proactive before an injury takes ever takes place. If you have any questions about an injury at a day care center, school, park, sports, league, or other entity where a Florida child was injured, it is helpful to contact a Jacksonville Florida Child Injury Lawyer for consultation, advice, and representation. The laws and insurance issues can be quite complex and it is vital to have legal representation to enforce and protect the rights of the injured child. You can read more about the Jacksonville Florida Times Union editorial at Child Care Ratings – Parents Need Good Info.

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