Jacksonville, Florida Courts Appoint Surrogates to Help Foster Children with Special Needs


When a Florida child enters the foster care system, he or she is supposed to be cared for or supervised by a large group of people including foster parents, case workers, and psychologists. Since foster children are already at risk of falling behind in school due to the stress in their home life, an undiagnosed or untreated learning disability can be disastrous for their chances of achieving success later in life.

In Florida and other states, judges have the right to appoint a surrogate parent to advocate for the educational needs of children in the foster care system who are suspected of having learning disabilities. These advocates can request testing and fight for extra help for these children in school. The main problem with the program so far is that there aren’t enough surrogates in the program to support all of the children who need help.

Surrogate parents are volunteers. Northeast Florida has been especially active in recruiting and training surrogates for Jacksonville, Florida area children. You can read more details of the surrogate parent program in northeast Florida at Surrogate parents fill needs of special-needs Jacksonville children.

Special education is vital to help children in need advance in school and generally in life. Unfortunately, many special needs children are not properly diagnosed, provided with proper instruction, or supervised at many public schools, private schools and day care centers. The lack of proper education and related supervision often times leads to injuries that could have otherwise have been prevented. If a child suffers an injury as a result of the negligence of a teacher or caregiver, contact a Florida Child Injury Lawyer to discuss the legal rights of the child and available courses or causes of action.