Jacksonville Florida Bus Driver Kicks Children Off the Bus for Bad Behavior


The Duval County School Board for Duval County has rules, regulations, and procedures for bus drivers, bus routes, seat belts, and conduct on a school bus. Pursuant to Chapter 8, Auxilary Services – Section 8.30, Student Transportation – Duval County School Board Policy Manual, students have a duty to abide by the rules for safety and behavior. Violations of the student conduct board can result in the suspension of the student’s bus riding privileges. The student’s parents and guardians have the responsibility to make sure that the student abides by the rules.

In my review of the School Board Policy Manual, I did not see any provision or procedure that permitted a bus driver to kick students off the bus when there was unruly behavior. In Jacksonville, Florida, a bus driver of students from Ribault Middle School instructed students to get off a bus at Rutledge Pearson Elementary. Many students were left without a ride home and walked to their designated bus stop. Others called parents who were angry at the actions taken by the bus driver.

The students were misbehaving and setting off the alarms on the emergency exit. It appears that this bad behavior made it unsafe to operate the bus. In this situation, the bus driver was put in a tough situation. Police could have been called. The children could have been transferred to another bus. The company operating the bus, First Student, will be conducting an investigation into this incident. Fortunately, no children suffered any physical injuries as as result of this incident. It would have been tragic if an accident occurred due to children misbehaving on the bus. You can read more about this story at Mom Says Jacksonville Florida School Bus Driver Kicked Students Off the Bus.