Jacksonville Florida Babysitter, Jeannine Marie Campbell, Arrested After “Nanny Cam” Captures Abuse


A pair of unnamed parents had utilized the services of Jeannine Marie Campbell to babysit their two children while they were at work for over two and a half years. On a recent evening, the parents returned to find that one of their children had a black eye that Ms. Campbell could not explain. That was when they decided to install a “nanny cam” to keep an eye on the woman and their children during the day. About a week later, the parents fired Ms. Campbell, saying they were unhappy with the care she was giving their children.

When they watched the video tape from the day Ms. Campbell was fired, they discovered shocking footage of Ms. Campbell throwing, hitting and kicking one of the children. They immediately brought the tape to police, who confirmed that Ms. Campbell appeared to be very angry and that it was obvious she was not playing with the child.

Ms. Campbell was arrested and charged with battery on a child. She is in jail on $75,000 bail. She reportedly told police investigators that she knew about the hidden camera, but was angry about being fired and wanted to punish the parents by taking it out on the child by slapping, kicking, slamming and hitting him.

Even though the evidence appears to be caught on tape, Ms. Campbell is still entitled to her day in court. She did not make a comment to the press about the charges. Find out more about this story at Jacksonville police: Babysitter videotaped abusing boy said she was angry with parents.