Jacksonville Florida Automobile Accident Victim (Maida M. Sy) Dies from Red Light Accident


In Jacksonville, Florida and other cities, traffic control devices serve an important function. Following the direction of these traffic control devices (i.e. traffic lights) can avoid horrible Florida automobile accidents. Disobeying traffic control devices can lead to deadly and tragic consequences. One such automobile accident recent occurred in Jacksonville, Florida at St. Johns Road and Atlantic Boulevard. It was reported by the Florida Highway Patrol that a vehicle driven by Robert Tofson ran a red light and crashed into a vehicle driven by Maida M. Sy. As a result of this accident, Maida Sy was transferred to Shands Jacksonville where she died just over a day after the accident. Since the accident involved the death of a driver / passenger, the Florida Highway Patrol will conduct an in depth investigation and issue a written report of the findings. It was reported in the Florida Times Union that alcohol may have played a factor in this deadly automobile accident. See Jacksonville, Florida 19 Year Dies from Stop Light Crash.