Jacksonville Florida Automobile Accident Leaves 2 Drivers Dead and 1 Injured


In Jacksonville, Florida and other cities in Florida, multiple vehicle accidents can lead to numerous injuries and death. Recently, an automobile accident in Jacksonville, Florida led to the deaths of two drivers and the injury of another in a three vehicle crash on State Road 9A in the Arlington area of Jacksonville. According to reports from the Florida Highway Patrol, a 60 year old driver was Lake Wells switched lanes and crashed into another vehicle. This caused one of the vehicles to cross over a median and crash into a Toyota SUV heading in the opposite direction. The victim in the Toyota SUV was identified as 21 year old – Jimmy Paul Le. Ali Reza Navazesh suffered minor injuries in the accident.

Some accidents are unavoidable. Other Jacksonville, Florida automobile accidents result from inattention and negligence. Some drivers are in such a hurry to get to his or her destination. Time or saving time is then given a greater priority than safety. In some automobile accidents, a driver’s attempt to save a few minutes or save a few seconds can result in wrongful death and serious personal injuries.