What Information Has Law Enforcement Uncovered as to Accused Molestor – Christopher Bacca? What Are the Rights of Injured Children?


In Jacksonville, Florida and other cities, teachers, aides, counselors, and coaches have the duty and responsiblity to care for and properly supervise the children under their care. It is important that child care providers use good judgments and intentions when they spend time and watch over the children. Backround checks and job references are vital and often time serve to weed out or shelter children away from child predators and sex offenders. Unfortunately, many child predators and sex offenders slip through the system and get the very position that they so greatly desire – a job working with and being close with children. Child predators and molestors, who cleverly obtain positions of trust, can be among the most dangerous predators and offenders out there. The very people that parents trust and believe are serving the best interests of the children are the people out there molesting and terrorizing the children.

In Jacksonville, Florida, the arrest of Christopher Bacca was recently reported. According to a story reported in the Jacksonville Timers Union, Bacca may have had a history of “inappropriate relationships” with children prior to the recent allegations that led to his arrest and current confinement. It was reported that there were allegations in 2009 that Bacca slept int he same bed with a child. Thereafter, Bacca was transferred to a different school. Bacca was not terminated because there was no report of sexual contact or conduct.

The current allegations involve sleeping with another boy and engaging in oral sex with the child. These are very serious allegations and the criminal case will determine if the case will be pled out, dismissed or go all the way through trial. You can read more about this story at – Additional Information Reported About Past Conduct of Christopher Bacca.

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