Jacksonville Doctor Irfan Nawaz Sentenced to 20 Years Traveling to Meet a Minor for Sex & Using a Computer to Solicit Sex with a Minor

Irfan Nawaz, M.D. is trading his white doctor coat for prison stripes. Nawaz was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his cyber crimes and actions in attempting to have sex with a minor. The investigation was completed by the Polk County Sheriff”s Office, the Osceola Sheriff’s Office, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the State of Florida Attorney General Cyber Crime Unit. Nawaz had chats on line with “girls” he thought were 14 and 15 years old. Undercover investigators with the Attorney General’s Cyber Crime Unit received sexually explicit messages from Nawaz who arranged for a meeting with one of the “girls”. Nawaz initiated the chats with the undercover offices and made it very clear what he wanted from the children. Nawaz is now going to have up to 20 years in prison to think about his actions. When he is released, Nawaz must register as a sex offender. This story shows that child predators range from the rich to the poor, from the educated to the not so educated, and from all walks of life. You can read more about this story at Doctor Gets 20 Year Prison Sentence for Traveling to Meet a Minor for Sex.