Is There a Dog Leash Law in Wakulla County, Florida?


Pursuant to Chapter 6, Article I, Sec. 6.007, Running at large, dogs must carry identification at all times. Dog owners are prohibited from allowing their dogs to run at large. “Run at large” is defined as a dog off the premises of its owner and not under the owner’s supervision or direct control. “Direct Control” is defined as the immediate and continuous control of a dog at all time by leash, cord or chain of sufficient strength to humanly restrain the dog.

All dogs on the owner’s property shall be physically contained by fence or other enclosure.

Wakulla County is located in North Florida near Tallahassee and includes the following cities: – Crawfordville, Sopchoppy, Smith Creek, St. Marks, Wakulla Beach, and Wakulla Springs.

To read more of the Dog Provisions in Wakulla County, Florida or requirements concerning other animals, see Codes of Wakulla County, Florida.

Dealing with Florida dog-bite related injuries can be very stressful. Medical bills can start piling up and the expenses can become overwhelming. You may have question such as: Who should pay for the bills, the dog’s owner or myself? How do I recover recover future medical expenses as well? How about pain and suffering? What if your child was the one injured? You should contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer so he or she can help answer these questions as well as provide legal representation in your dog-bite-injury case.

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