Is There a Dog Leash Law in Washington County, Florida?


Washington County, Florida has different restraint requirements for dogs regarding the location of the dog(s) (i.e., whether the dog(s) is on or off the property of its owner or custodian).

Pursuant to Section 12-30(a) – Restraint and Confinement to Property, dog owners or custodians of dogs must exercise diligence and reasonable care to prevent their dog(s) from leaving their premises. Lawful restraint exists when the dog is:
1. Enclosed within a secure enclosure such as a house, building, fence, pen, or other enclosure where the animal escape by climbing, digging, jumping or otherwise. Such enclosure must be securely fastened any time the animal is left unattended.
2. On a leash, which is held by a responsible person.
3. Off a leash, but under the voice control and obedient to that person’s commands and that person is present with the dog(s) at all times.

Section 12-30(b) governs dog(s) that are off the property of its owner or custodian. Pursuant to this part of the ordinance, owners and custodians of dog(s) must exercise diligence and reasonable care to keep their dog(s) under restraint while off the owner’s or custodian’s premises. The following are acceptable methods of restraint: The dog is
1. Located inside a parked vehicle provided it does not endanger the animal.
2. Confined within a secure enclosure with permission of the occupant of the property where the animal is temporarily located.
3. On a leash held by a responsible person.
4. Under the control of a responsible person and obedient to that person’s commands to the extent that the animal will not trespass on the property of others.
5. In a securely fastened cage or animal carrier with adequate ventilation and room for the animal.

Washington County, Florida is located in Florida’s panhandle and includes the following cities: Caryville, Chipley, Ebro, Greenhead, New Hope, Sunny Hills, Vernon, and Wausau.

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