Is There a Dog Leash Law in St. Lucie County (Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and St. Lucie Village) Florida?


If a dog is off its owner’s private property, the dog must be under restraint unless the dog is actively engaged in the sport of hunting. A dog, properly under restraint in St. Lucie County, is a dog that is secured by a leash or lead. “Leash or lead” is defined as a cord, rope, chain, or similar device which holds an animal under restraint and is not more than six (6) feet in length.

If you would like to read more of the Dog Provisions of St. Lucie County, Florida please see Code of Ordinances, County of St. Lucie, Florida, Article II – Animal Control.

St. Lucie County, Florida is located on the East Coast of Florida and includes the following cities: Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and St. Lucie Village.

Being aware of the leash laws in your county will help you from incurring liability because of your dog. There is no “one bite free” law in the State of Florida. Therefore, leashing and keeping your dog under restraint and control may keep you from being sued. If you are a party in a dog-related injury case you should contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for representation, guidance, consult and answers to any questions or concerns you may have regarding your case.