Is There a Dog Leash Law in Putnam County (Palatka, Crescent City, Interlachen, and Satsuma) Florida?


Pursuant to Chapter 6, Animals, Article II, Animal Control, Section 32, Animals at large; owners’ responsibilities of the Ordinances for Putnam County, it is unlawful for a dog owner or keeper (any person possession or having custody of an animal) to permit their dog to run at large on any public or private property. Animal at large is defined as any animal, other than a cat, which is not the owner or keeper’s custody by leash, chain, effective voice command, secure fence or other means of confinement or restraint. Effective voice command means a voice control by a competent person which at all times prevents the animal from running at large or otherwise violating the ordinance. An owner or keeper of a fierce or dangerous dog declared fierce shall restrain or confine their dog as ordered by the animal control department head who declared the dog fierce or dangerous.

Although Putnam County only prohibits a dog from running at large, cities within the county may have a specific leash law that has additional requirements to the county law. Putnam County is located in North Florida and includes the following cities: Crescent City, East Palatka, Florahome, Fruitland, Georgetown, Hollister, Interlachen, Lake Como, Melrose, Palatka, Pomona Park, San Mateo, Satsuma, and Welaka. You can read more about the Putnam County, Florida dog leash provisions and other sections pertaining to Dogs at Putnam County, Florida, Code of Ordinances.

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