Is There a Dog Leash Law in Martin County (Indiantown, Jensen Beach, Jupiter Island, and Stuart) Florida?


Pursuant to Marion County, Florida, Code of Ordinances, Chapter 9 – Animals, Article 4 – Animal Control, Care and Treatment, Sec 9.90 – Animal Restraint Law, dogs off the property of their owner must be under restraint or control of a competent person by means of a chain, leash, or other similar device, or is in a secure cage or other secure enclosure. Also, dogs shall not be allowed on any County owned athletic field or facility or parks unless otherwise permitted.

Under the Martin County Ordinance, “at large” is defined as any animal running loose that has a current or traceable Martin County license. “Control” means the regulation of the possession, ownership, care and custody of a dog. If you would like to read more about the Dog Provisions see Marion County, Florida, Code of Ordinances, Chapter 9 – Animals.

Martin County, Florida is located on the East Coast of Florida and includes the following cities: Arundel, Indiantown, Hobe Sound, Hutchinson Island South, Jensen Beach, Jupiter Island, Ocean Breeze Park, Palm City, Sewall’s Point, and Stuart.

If you or your child has been bit or otherwise attacked by a dog you should contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer. Dog-related injuries can be serious and sometimes permanent (e.g., scarring). These injuries also raise question of liability and damages. Who should pay for the medical bills? Does this include past and future damages? What about loss of the enjoyment of life damages? These questions and more can all be answered by a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer.

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