Is There a Dog Leash Law in Jefferson County (City of Monticello) Florida?


Jefferson County has definitions for “At Large” and “Restraint” but does not specifically have an Ordinance that strictly requires a dog owner to have a dog on a dog leash. A dog deemed “at large” is a dog that is off the premises of its owner while not under the owner’s supervision. A dog is considered under “restraint” if the dog is controlled by a competent person by chain, leash or other similar device, within a vehicle being driven or parked, or within a secure enclosure.

While the Ordinances for Jefferson County does not have a specific dog leash provision, the Ordinances for the City of Monticello does have a specific dog leash Ordinance. Pursuant to section 18-66 of the City of Monticello Ordinances, all dogs shall be kept under restraint. A dog is considered under “restraint” if the dog is within the real property limits of its owner or secured by a leash or lead or under the control of a responsible person.

Jefferson County, Florida is located in North Florida, East of Tallahassee and includes the following cities: Alma, Ashville, Aucilla, Capps, Casa Blanco, Cody, Dills, Drifton, Fanlew, Festus, Fincher, Jarrett, Lamont, Limestone, Lloyd, Lois, Monticello, Montivilla, Nash, Thomas City, Wacissa, and Waukeenah.