Is There a Dog Leash Law in Hendry County (Clewiston, Harlem, and La Belle) Florida?


Pursuant to Code of Ordinances, of the County of Hendry, Florida, Chapter 1-5, Animal Control, Sec. 1-5-16, Control and confinement of animals, dog owners must exercise reasonable care to protect humans, other animals or other property from injury or damage caused by the behavior of the dog.

Dog owners shall also exercise reasonable care to prevent their dog, while unattended, from leaving the premises of the owner by:
1. Confinement in a secure enclosure, fence, or pen from which the animal cannot dig, climb, jump or otherwise escape and which is locked while the animal is unattended;

2. Restraint by chain, cable and trolley, or other tether to prevent escape; or

3. Leash and physical control of a person capable of preventing the dog from escaping.

If not unattended, the dog owner shall exercise reasonable care to maintain the dog of the owner’s premises by:
1. Confinement in a vehicle from which the dog cannot climb, jump or otherwise escape; or

2. Leash and physical control or a person capable of preventing such animal from escaping.

Repeat offenders – a dog that has been repeatedly (defined as 3 charged offenses) allowed to run loose or otherwise not confined in accordance with this ordinance must be spayed or neutered at the owner’s expense.

Hendry County, Florida is located in Southwest Florida and includes the following cities: – Clewiston, Harlem, and La Belle.

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