Is There a Dog Leash Law in Hardee County (Bowling Green, Wauchula, and Zolfo Springs) Florida?


In Hardee County, Florida, a down owner has a duty to maintain possession, charge, custody or control of a dog and shall not allow the dog to run “at large”. When a dog is off the premises of the owner, there is a duty to keep the dog on a leash or otherwise under the direct control of the dog owner pursuant to Section 4.105 – Dogs and Cats at Large – Restrictions – Code of Hardee County Ordinances. Direct Control is defined as immediate and continuous physical control of an animal at all times such as by means of a fence, leash, cord, or chain of specific length. For specially trained dogs, Direct Control is defined as dogs that respond to oral or aural control assuming that the person controlling the dog is within the unobstructed sight and hearing of the dog.

You can access the Animal Control County Ordinances for Hardee County and also read other information at Hardee County Animal Control.

It is important for dog owner in Hardee County to follow Animal Control ordinances and also to exercise due care and common sense when owning a animal. Compliance will help prevent the incidents of serious dog bite incidents that cause serious personal injuries to children and adults alike.

Hardee County, Florida is located in Central Florida just south of Polk County and includes the following cities: Bowling Green, Wauchula, and Zolfo Springs.

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