Is There a Dog Leash Law in Gilchrist County (Trenton) Florida?


Pursuant to Chapter 14, Animals, Article II, Animal Control, Section 14-41 – Ordinances for Gilchrist County Florida, a dog may not be permitted to run at large on any public or private property without the consent of the property owner or lessee. When a dog is not located on its owner’s property, the dog shall be, at all time, under the direct control of the owner or other competent person. Hunting dogs are exempt from the direct control requirement while engaged in a hunt or training for hunt, otherwise hunting dogs also fall under this category. An at large dog is define as any dog off the premises of its owner and not under the direct control of the owner or other competent person either by leash, cord, chain, or voice command. A dog is not consider under direct control by voice command if the dog is cannot be fully seen or heard or is more than 100 feet away from the owner or other responsible person. Direct control means immediate and continuous physical control the dog at all times either by leash, cord, chain, all of which are of sufficient strength to restrain the dog.

Although Gilchrist County only prohibits a dog from running at large, cities within the county may have a specific leash law that has additional requirements to the county law. Gilchrist County is located in North Central Florida and includes the City of Trenton. You can read more about the Gilchrist County, Florida dog leash provisions and other sections pertaining to Dogs at Code of Ordinances of Gilchrist County, Florida.

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