Is There a Dog Leash Law in Gadsden County (Quincy, Havana, and Chattahoochee) Florida?


Section 10-63 of the Gadsden County, Florida, Code of Ordinances, prohibits dogs on public places if not under direct control. For purposes of this section, “direct control” is defined as:
1. The immediate, continuous physical control of a dog at all times by means of a secure fence, leash, cord or chain, or other means of sufficient strength to restrain the dog and the dog is controlled by a person capable of restraining the dog. Or, the dog is safely and humanely secured within a vehicle.
2. There is an exception made for hunting dogs and specifically trained dogs.

Also, under this section, a duty is created for dog owners to maintain direct control of their dog.
1. Dog owners or persons responsible for the care, custody, or control of any dog may not allow their dog to go on any public street, road, park or other public property if the dog is not under the direct control of the owner or person responsible for the dog.
2. However, this does not apply if the dog is on the premises of its owner or premises of the person in care, custody, or control of the dog.
3. There is also an exception made for hunting dogs or specially trained dogs.
4. Dogs not under direct control may be seized, restrained, impounded, and disposed of.

If your dog is found running at large and not under direct control on the property of another without the property owner’s consent, the property owner or tenant is legally permitted to restrain the dog in a humane manner under section 10-59. After restraining the dog, the property owner or tenant is to immediately notify the director of animal control, who may then impound the dog.

Violators of this section risk incurring civil penalties ranging from $100-$500.

Gadsden County is located in North West Florida and includes the following cities:
Chattahoochee, Greensboro, Gretna, Havana, Midway, Mount Pleasant, and Quincy.

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