Is There a Dog Leash Law in Citrus County (Crystal River, Hernando, Homosassa Springs, Homosassa, Inverness) Florida?


It is a punishable offense for a dog owner to permit their dog to run at-large on any public street, sidewalk, park or any private property unless given consent by the owner of the private property. A dog is only allowed to be on public property if the dog is restrained by (1) a person of sufficient strength to control the dog and (2) a suitable leash of dependable strength and reasonable length. In the event your dog happens for be impounded, you, as the dog’s owner are liable for any fees or expenses incurred by the county as a result of the proper care and confinement of the animal. If a dog is found at large and the it reasonably appears to the officer that the dog is of imminent death or cannot be cured or rendered fit for service, the officer has the authority to dispose of the animal as provided under Citrus County Law.

“At large” is defined as being off the premises of the owner and not under direct control, custody, charge or possession of the owner, or other responsible person, either by leash, cord or chain by an individual physically capable of providing strength. Chapter 14, Animals, Article II, Animal Control, Section 14-32, Definitions.

To read more on laws concerning dogs or other animals in Citrus County see Code of Ordinances, County of Citrus, Florida.

Citrus County is located in West Central Florida and includes the following cities:
Beverly Hills, Black Diamond, Citrus Hills, Citrus Springs, Crystal River, Floral City, Hernando, Homosassa Springs, Homosassa, Inverness, Lecanto, Pine Ridge, and Sugarmill Woods.

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