Is there a Dog Leash Law in Baker County (Glen St. Mary and Macclenny) Florida?


In Baker County (Glen St. Mary and Macclenny) Florida there is an Animal Control Ordinance in place under County Ordinance 2002 – 06 Section 7 – Animals at Large – Owner’s Responsibilities, any owner of an animal (including dogs) other than a cat has a duty to maintain control of the animal while the animal is on public property or on the private property of another person or entity. There are some exceptions including those for hunting activities.

If there is a problem with an “At Large” dog or a dangerous dog, you can contact the Baker County Animal Control Department for more information about local ordinances and the enforcement powers of the Baker County Animal Control.

Florida’s Dog Bite Statute applies state wide and is not contingent on any of the various leash laws in place for counties and cities. Dog bite matters especially when dealing with a child have legal consequences and obligations unique to these cases. A Florida Child Injury Lawyer / Dog Bite Lawyer can assist you with these matters. Animal Control will enforce local regulations but cannot give legal advice or provide compensation for a violation of the ordinances or the State of Florida Statutes.

If you would like a copy of Baker County Leash Law or other Animal Control Ordinances for other Florida cities / counties, please contact me.

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